Focus Areas | Criteria

Converging opportunities: finding the right fit


Reaching your goal is our objective. We will help you win when you need:

         capital and expertise for growth

         capital and expertise for restructuring and return to profitability

         to sell a business or division for liquidity and value creation

         execution of your acquisition strategy

         experienced leaders for a fresh perspective

         a partner in private equity as a next step in a successful career


Camelot is open to meet with executives and companies to discuss immediate or future opportunities. In investment opportunities, we seek the following characteristics:

         generally, revenues in excess of $25 million.

         current or recent history of profitability.

         start-up or early stage investments


We are extremely selective in making investments in venture capital situations. All opportunities must be beyond seed and concept stage, have a differentiated product and demonstrated acceptance with consumers. Entrepreneurs must be capable of operating the enterprise or accepting of the need for new management. Our involvement is usually focused on structuring corporate partnerships where appropriate.


When partnering with executives, we seek vision and a proven track record of execution. In Advisory relationships, we seek companies of scale with significant strategic challenges.